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xDB: Tracking the Untrackable – Part 1

Trackable Your page visits are trackable thanks to this: Your MVC routes registered via: are trackable thanks to this code in Sitecore.Mvc.Pipelines.Loader.InitializeRoutes (part of the initialize pipeline): where the custom handler wires in the MVC pipelines: Untrackable Your MVC routes with the attribute routing are not trackable. I blogged about it before. You can help […]


Web API, SimpleInjector, and AnalyticsDataController

Sitecore.Services.Client I am currently working on a very unique app. It’s not a traditional Sitecore architecture. Very far from it actually. Data driven, lots of client side renderings over raw data (JSON), dynamically loaded content fragments, and topped with personalization, analytics, and Sitecore playing content as a service role. Very cool I must say. Long […]