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Off By One Hour

Intro We were mostly careful with our dates and put our Sitecore into GMT Standard Time from the very beginning to avoid converting things back and forth: Turns out – and it’s equally important, silly, and frustrating – GMT Standard Time is not Greenwich Standard Time. The former observes daylight saving, the latter does not […]


Packaging with TDS and Sitecore 8 Update 3

This will be a really quick one. If you are using TDS and Sitecore 8 Update 3 that just came out yesterday you may see the following when building an .update package: Workaround Use Sitecore.Update.dll from Update 2 as a quick workaround. Solution Charlie Turano from Hedgehog TDS Support Team sent me the updated HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreProject.PackageBuilder.exe.config […]