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Using a Sitecore Item Provider for Component Security

You can use Data Providers for Security? Recently, @techphoria414 asked on the Sitecore Stack Exchange: “What are some appropriate uses for Sitecore Data Providers?” My answer was: When Security is just too complicated for Sitecore. People offered a lot of suggestions with lots of ways to implement data providers using different strategies and philosophies. Still, I thought […]


A Recipe for Solid SSL in Sitecore

When building a modern website, a developer needs to pay attention to many things. One of those is security; it always should be placed at the top of the priority list. And the best way to protect site bytes and user input while they’re traveling between a browser and web servers is Transport Layer Security (TLS a.k.a. SSL). If you want to learn how TLS can be implemented in Sitecore, you don’t need to search further. Let’s start…