Sitecore Personalization with Snippets – Part 2, Macro Personalization

In part 1 of this series, we discussed how personalization in Sitecore can be embedded within a Snippet to create personalization rules that are used within global (or reusable) elements like headers or footers.  In part 2, we will now discuss how Snippets create a whole new type of personalization in Sitecore – macro personalization.

This is cool.

We refer to this as macro-personalization because normally personalization rules apply to a single component, not a collection of components.  However, because a Snippet is placed on a page with a special component (the “Reference a Snippet” component), the actual Snippet rendered on the page is the datasource, and thus the entire Snippet used can be personalized as well.

Personalization of a Global Header or Footer

For our example, let’s create a basic personalization condition that will change the entire footer of the website to different Snippet.

Personalize a Snippet with Brainjocks SCORE

You can apply personalization to a Snippet just like any other component


Personalize a component with Brainjocks SCORE

Since the Snippet used is the datasource to the “Reference a Snippet” component, you can select an alternate Snippet to personalize the footer.


So personalizing which Snippet is used is just that easy.

Let’s see that again…Personalizing or AB Testing a Carousel with a Standard Header

Another example of macro personalization can be given by replacing an entire carousel with a standard page header.

Since the carousel was built in the page and not as a Snippet in the first place,  we’ll begin by converting it to a Snippet by using the snapshot feature in SCORE.

Creating a Snippet with Brainjocks SCORE

Using the Snapshot button in the ribbon will convert the selected component (and any nested components and content) into a Snippet.

Once the Snippet is created from the Snapshot, we remove the carousel from the page and add it back as a Snippet.

Once converted into a Snippet, I can add the carousel to any page by using the “Reference a Snippet” component.

Finally, I’ll add a personalization rule to swap out this carousel with a standard page hero.

Personalization can replace a Snippet with another Snippet OR with a different component altogether.

And here’s the result

Option #1 – Carousel as a Snippet


Option #2 – Personalized to a standard page hero

And there you have it – macro-personalization with BrainJocks SCORE Snippets.

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