Enabling Rules Engine Personalization for MVC Renderings



Just a quick note – when a project we started required DMS to be used with MVC as the primary rendering engine, one of our devs got stuck for a bit.  It seemed that the rules engine didn’t fire correctly for MVC renderings.

On investigation I found 2 things that I wanted to share (as of Sitecore 7 update 2):

(1) Global conditional renderings don’t work with MVC

Not sure why, but Sitecore does point this out in the Rules Engine Cookbook

(2) One of the configuration files needed for personalization with MVC is disabled

The file, originally named Sitecore.MvcAnalytics.config.disabled enables some pipeline processors that are needed to allow MVC to use the rules engine.

I think it would be better if this file was distributed with the DMS download rather than being included in the base Sitecore release and “disabled”, but hopefully you won’t get stuck on it.

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