Brian Beckham
I am the President and CEO of BrainJocks. As a Sitecore MVP, I spend most of my time consulting and architecting software solutions for enterprise-level Sitecore projects.

Unit Testing Custom Rules, Actions, and Conditions with FakeDb – Part 1 – Testing Conditions

Recently I was working on 2 new implementations of the Sitecore rules engine – adding new rule “types” that would be executed by an existing Sitecore pipeline. More news will come about those rules in the upcoming videos in BrainJocks SCORE University. We at BrainJocks are heavily vested in using Sitecore.FakeDb – so I decided […]


Sitecore Support for MVC Areas

Multitenancy with MVC and Areas When developing for Sitecore, you must always be conscious of those “other” people … that is, other tenants. As mentioned countless times before, Sitecore offers support for multiple tenants from a single running instance, but it does not provide process or filesystem isolation for assets developed for each tenant website. […]