An Update to Responsive Image Support in Sitecore

In our previous article, – we discussed a custom field type Brainjocks created to allow content managers to crop images for the various device break points in your responsive design. The community asked for more, and we listened – so we have made a neat enhancement to this feature to make it even more powerful.

ALT Images for each Responsive Breakpoint

The responsive image field allows you to scale and crop images for each breakpoint in your design. As mentioned previously, the breakpoints are defined in the CMS as “settings items” – and a media query is associated with each.

In some cases however, you wish to select a completely different image for a specific breakpoint. So, we have added that functionality into the field type. Here’s how it works –

So for any image in your responsive set, you can now both zoom, pan and select an image OR override that image with a completely different one – and pan and crop THAT image to meet your needs 🙂

Brian Beckham

I am the President and CEO of BrainJocks. As a Sitecore MVP, I spend most of my time consulting and architecting software solutions for enterprise-level Sitecore projects.

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